Simplicity is the key-note of all true elegance* (Coco Chanel)

Editor: “I like your book except for the ending.”

Author: “What’s wrong with the ending?”

Editor: “It should be closer to the beginning.”

Complexity and complication (including length) bring risk.  They bring risk to processes being followed correctly, policies being complied with, web journeys being completed.

In the case of the book mentioned above, the risk is that the reader will give up, will tire of the book, and that will  be a negative customer experience – and the reader will be highly unlikely to recommend the book to anyone else.

Complexity in operations and in equipment also brings with it risk to understanding, to maintenance, and to performance – there are more things to go wrong.

Whatever your role, you should always consider whether what you produce could be simplified, it will then also be more elegant…

Data Source: The Creative Whack Pack – Roger von Oech

  • La simplicité est la clé de toute véritable élégance
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