Genghis and Risk – Outcast Nomad to Conqueror of the World – How to Manage and Exploit Risk for Success “ by Duncan Stephenson

Now available on Amazon – click here.

Risk is taken primarily to create value, to bring reward, yet this aspect is largely ignored in text books and in training. Instead they focus on the defensive aspect, when in fact risk is dual in nature: it is both creative and destructive. When you take risk to create value, other risks come with the territory e.g. you take credit risk actively when you lend money, but in doing so you also expose yourself to fraud risk, regulatory risk, etc, etc.

This work takes one of the greatest success stories ever – that of Genghis Khan – and applies the risk management principles from that story to a fictitious business start-up in order to explain how risk management should really help you and your organisation to succeed in what you are trying to achieve, in creating value.

Risk Management in Fifty Anecdotes
Duncan Stephenson

Now available on Amazon – click here.

Whether you’re the farmer or the animal charity in Colombia pondering the co-existence of the threatened jaguar with the beef cattle on which the economy depends, risk management is what will lead you to the rational and productive answer. When is a risk to your business unacceptable – and when will imaginative risk management present you with a fantastic new opportunity?

Read about how McDonald’s unwittingly increased business simply by having clean loos; how bees were used to stop elephants from trampling crops and how techniques used in Formula One are helping to save babies’ lives.

Yes, all of this is about risk management. Maybe everyone needs to give it a go…

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